Friday, April 28, 2006

elections and kamala suraiyya

there always is a problem...writers,poets and politicians...a strange but normal bundle.and almost all great writers had their own political india and everywhere there are famous politicians cum writers....not only in writing but all creative spheres politics is living or going to a hospital or travel by bus,train you are entering a certain politics...but common people dont think about it.
madhavikkutty[kamla suraiiyya or kamla das] created her own politics in worlds of woman and word. sometimes people say she doesent know what is actual politics...sometimes they wonder how can she be so ignorant as to celebrate atomic explosions and explorations of india.....but she actually has an inner power to grasp truth and transmit truth.its not a politics of dates and electiond primeministers presidents and parties...its a knowledge which knows 'something is rotten in denmark'
i believe in her transparency and truth

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

its not easy to write open diary.let us call an edited lacks the truthfulness of a diary and beauty of a created piece.

but what is truth?is it written document of our inner and outer life?can we know our own truths?there is a strong urge in everybody to justify ourselves...the strong ,hatred,jealousy,posessiveness,loneliness,laziness,oversubjectivity,over sentimentalism.....these are to be avoided in your life and artwork...they say.but when we take out or remove the turbulence what is left?

the silent murmur of withdrawing waves,wet sand this enough?


as the article idasseri and patrick kavanagh was published pn gopikrishnan called me.
he said aasan and idasseri has opened many new roads,ways or vistas in writing.
i liked the following thinking of gopi.
idasseris poems are written while walking thru roads,small thickets and village streets[vazhi,idavazhi]its not poems written before a table sitting and brooding.
the thing is that thru his poems travels people values and even celestial beings..animals and anxities......
its true to the core i think.
bimbisarante idayan,pengal,kaavile pattu, all most all poems people and landscapes and emotions travel.....akrroran,gopis,krishnan,maarkandeyan,budhan,nellukuthukari paaru,pengal in body is stagnant....and people without land,[kudiyirakkappettavar]evacuated from their own house,land and village they are compelled to travel with out end they are never rehabilitated.
i think that observation is very brilliant,may be life itself travels thru that

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i got many things to say today.
i was about to write the other poems OTTA
a woman is lying on a double bed bed is scattered with books,journals,comb ....she i sreading.her young daughter is sitting on carpet playing with dolls.and the house was looked as empty...silent.
she is single now and she enjoys the freedom.
how do you feel?iask.but she only smiles.such a charming smile as we smile when we are children.
what is the meaning of ot?she wont say but we should find out.
if i write all this like an open thought will my poems will be left unborn?as if my poems are important to all!
iwas reading o v vijayans stories also and a strange thing happens.i read a word koyyakka and i was s perakka i think.[guvava] but in my school we used to say eyes were filled with tears!

Friday, April 21, 2006

a day passed away.yesterday i wrote a poem.its a part of a longer poem otta on single life creates more and more single woman oriented families.why?divorces are becoming more prevalent .widows and separated women give support to their children singly.most wmen dont get family support.
there are women who love to remain unmarried.young girls working in media ITfield fashion designing,tvsoaps etc think either they wont get an adjusting husband or its better to be family a comfort to man and responsibility to women?and woman loves to live with another woman who will cook and help in house cities its more convenient.
igo to office now,travelling with an "oonnuvadi" is embarassing....rroads are longer iam heavier my feet legs all feel like chained..or rather heavy like iron beams.
to cross the road is difficult.iam panicked.two days i crossed with a help then stepped on cautiously.this slight variation in health,speed and inner welfare makes a wide gap.ill manage this.but iam thinking abouts lots of people seriously disabled or mutilated.
by the way,poet sachidandan puzhankara asked me to give voice to a documentary.i agreed readily.he came with dr manoj who is a neuro surgeon in chalakkudy. i went to studio canvas read the scrit.
the poem appu included is very toudhing sachi wrote it.he wanted me to dub appus mothers scream...scream of a son lost mother.i was afraid...but i screamed like my soul is transformed and strange noises leapt out from my throat.

o god.......
iam happy also because at leat iam an artist.!

Monday, April 17, 2006

today ppramachandran s joseph came and we created this new blog.the word blog itself was new to me.about newness....why dont why cant we create new selves? me and joseph discussed this.why life is stagnant?
life is not has an actual inherent flow of change...but...


Welcome to my world of poetry.