Friday, April 21, 2006

igo to office now,travelling with an "oonnuvadi" is embarassing....rroads are longer iam heavier my feet legs all feel like chained..or rather heavy like iron beams.
to cross the road is difficult.iam panicked.two days i crossed with a help then stepped on cautiously.this slight variation in health,speed and inner welfare makes a wide gap.ill manage this.but iam thinking abouts lots of people seriously disabled or mutilated.
by the way,poet sachidandan puzhankara asked me to give voice to a documentary.i agreed readily.he came with dr manoj who is a neuro surgeon in chalakkudy. i went to studio canvas read the scrit.
the poem appu included is very toudhing sachi wrote it.he wanted me to dub appus mothers scream...scream of a son lost mother.i was afraid...but i screamed like my soul is transformed and strange noises leapt out from my throat.

o god.......
iam happy also because at leat iam an artist.!

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Salil said...

to act the scream of a son lost mother !!

ജീവിതത്തില്‍ നമ്മളൊക്കെ അഭിനയിക്കുകയാണ്‌ .. still it is terrible