Friday, April 28, 2006

elections and kamala suraiyya

there always is a problem...writers,poets and politicians...a strange but normal bundle.and almost all great writers had their own political india and everywhere there are famous politicians cum writers....not only in writing but all creative spheres politics is living or going to a hospital or travel by bus,train you are entering a certain politics...but common people dont think about it.
madhavikkutty[kamla suraiiyya or kamla das] created her own politics in worlds of woman and word. sometimes people say she doesent know what is actual politics...sometimes they wonder how can she be so ignorant as to celebrate atomic explosions and explorations of india.....but she actually has an inner power to grasp truth and transmit truth.its not a politics of dates and electiond primeministers presidents and parties...its a knowledge which knows 'something is rotten in denmark'
i believe in her transparency and truth


harithakam said...

why stopped writing? continue.

ഏറനാടന്‍ said...

pls start a blog in malayalam, a lot of eminent writers like u are there and its widely spreading..

renuramanath said...

hi girijechi,
i checked on your blog. you can create a new password if you forgot the old one. continue blogging, please. it looks so good.