Sunday, April 23, 2006

i got many things to say today.
i was about to write the other poems OTTA
a woman is lying on a double bed bed is scattered with books,journals,comb ....she i sreading.her young daughter is sitting on carpet playing with dolls.and the house was looked as empty...silent.
she is single now and she enjoys the freedom.
how do you feel?iask.but she only smiles.such a charming smile as we smile when we are children.
what is the meaning of ot?she wont say but we should find out.
if i write all this like an open thought will my poems will be left unborn?as if my poems are important to all!
iwas reading o v vijayans stories also and a strange thing happens.i read a word koyyakka and i was s perakka i think.[guvava] but in my school we used to say eyes were filled with tears!

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